Whats the deal with Airline Food?

Airline food is yucky and no one should eat it unless its the snacks.  you can call me a man who knows about good airline snacks like the coffee bites or the bits and bites. Those just taste good, like i mean the best snacks in the world. People might see this as a threat to there life but its just the dam truth. Airline food caused many people to have a uneasy experience with it. From the rice giving me a horrible time, like its the little boy to Hiroshima in my body.

I Hate The Food

Airline Food Tastes Like Crap And Any One Who Likes It Is A Lizard Person Who Wants To Steal Your Bowl Of Oat Meal.

Oat Meal

Oat Meal Tastes Way Better Than Airline Food And Is Cheaper Than Getting Some Airline Food.


Planes Are Dope But The Food They Give Is Not Epic. -Obama

About Oat Meal

Oat Meal Is Made From Space Aliens And They Have Come To Take It From Us.

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